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LOYAL and STEADFAST PDF ebook download LOYAL and STEADFAST is the story of HMS CONSORT, a C class destroyer commissioned into the post-World War 2 Royal Navy. During her ten years of service CONSORT spent nearly all her time in the Far East participating in the Occupation of Japan, the Malayan Emergency and the Korean War. The book also documents in detail CONSORT’s (up until now largely untold and ignored) involvement on 20 April 1949 in the Yangtze Incident. The Montebello Atomic Bomb tests and the Olympic Cruise to Melbourne in 1956 are also included in the book as are the runs ashore, sporting matches and life in general in a post-war destroyer – told first-hand by those who were there.

“Not just the story of one destroyer but the story of every ship serving in the Far East Fleet in the years 1947 – 1957.”


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