Guide to the Flowers of Western China

PDF-file by Christopher Grey-Wilson

Guide to the Flowers of Western China PDF ebook download Unrivaled in the temperate latitudes of the world, China’s rich flora comprises 30,000 species of plants, and nowhere is this floral richness more evident than in western China. With its lush forests, meandering rivers, and majestic mountains, the west of China has been a center of plant exploration for over two centuries, giving rise to many well-known species of trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs that populate our parks and botanical institutes, including rhododendron, orchids, peonies, and roses.

Guide to the Flowers of Western China describes and illustrates more than two thousand species, from the common to the endemic to the extremely rare. Plant families are arranged following the latest DNA-based classification, making this pictorial guide— the largest and most comprehensive on western China ever published—essential for gardeners and plant scientists.

Celebrating the wealth of western China’s vast flora, this magnificent volume will enable the horticulturally inclined traveler (or armchair traveler) to identify many of the plants encountered in the wild.

eBook Guide to the Flowers of Western China

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