The Field Guide to Major League Baseball Parks

PDF-file by Paul Brewer

The Field Guide to Major League Baseball Parks PDF ebook download For legions of baseball fans, going out to the ballpark to experience firsthand the drama and nuances of the game is an essential part of being a fan. Each ballpark offers its own history, its own quirks, and its own community, and every year thousands of fans venture to different ballparks to get a taste of those unique qualities. The "Field Guide to Major League Baseball Parks" is a handy and informative look at all 30 Major League ballparks, offering insight into that history and those quirks. With diagrams and essential details, along with exterior and interior photos, this comprehensive guide will appeal to both armchair fans and baseball tourists. In addition to the ballpark details, the book offers information on other baseball-related attractions and destinations—-minor league and college venues, museums and halls of fame, ballplayer birthplaces and final resting places—-making this the ultimate handbook and reference.

eBook The Field Guide to Major League Baseball Parks

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