Unveiling the Allure of Sexual Attraction

PDF-file by P. Martinez

Unveiling the Allure of Sexual Attraction PDF ebook download Sexual attraction is one of the most basic and important aspects of life. For many people this instinct is not well understood. In our pursuit of a partner, we often wonder what attributes about us are perceived as attractive or unattractive by the opposite sex.

This book describes to both men and women what specific elements about “the face” make us sexually attractive to the opposite sex, and why. This is accomplished by providing the reader with knowledge backed by scientific studies from some of the world’s most renowned scientists, evolutionary psychologists, sociologists, plastic surgeons and more.

After reading this series, you will have acquired a heightened awareness of what makes men and women sexually attracted to each other by unveiling the science behind this primal drive.

eBook Unveiling the Allure of Sexual Attraction

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