Sex, Art, and American Culture

PDF-file by Camille Paglia

Sex, Art, and American Culture PDF ebook download I got up to 100 pages in this, and I couldn't go any further. Camilla Pagila claims to be a feminist, but she's an MRA in women's drag. She writes scornfully of feminism as a movement, at the same time she claims herself as one. I cannot take seriously the view of a woman who victim blames women for being raped, who says that if a woman dresses provocatively or is on a date with a man, she should "take the risk of being raped" and even more gross, excuses men for their "deepest urges" and says that that is just a man "being a man". I would throw this book in the trash, except I can't do that to a book, even one as terrible as this is. I've never left a book unfinished, but life is too short to keep reading something I hate. Fuck Camille Paglia, and fuck this book. I left the one star because her essay on Madonna was pretty good, but that's it.

eBook Sex, Art, and American Culture

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