Cherry Juice, Vol. 01

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Cherry Juice, Vol. 01 PDF ebook download While I enjoyed this series, I don't think I really ever believed she had feelings beyond a manga brother complex.Everyone around these two seemed to be pushing them into a relationship that really only half of the "couple" was hoping for.There wasn't even understanding for when Otome's family was falling apart.All Amane translated her wanting to see her stepbrother as she was attracted to him; not that she was concerned her relationship with best friend and family member was going through a difficult adjustment and in danger of crumbling. He could have cemented his relationship with her as being different than the friendship she had with Minami, and finally out of the friend's zone for good.Instead he behaved immaturally.Well, they are teenaged high schoolers, what did I really expect?Adults don't even get this right.

eBook Cherry Juice, Vol. 01

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