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Psychic Confusion PDF ebook download I enjoyed parts of this because I haven't read anything on the band since 'Confusion is Next' and that's a long time ago now, so as an update, it's insightful but essentially it stinks of music journo 101 and you can really tell that Chick had been roped in at the last minute to do this (Everett True was originally given the task but never got around to it) inasmuch that some of the facts haven't been checked and you can really see what areas of alt rock that Chick falls down on. For example, he calls The Breeders "an all girl 4-piece" when in actual fact, the drummer was very much a man. He also says that Krist from Nirvana called Axl Rose out from the stage at the 1992 VMAs, when it was Dave Grohl. Poor Krist was unconscious from a bass guitar crashing down on his head. And that's the other problem, I found. The filler. Too much time spent talking about other bands and regurgitating old magazine quotes. I would have preferred much more input from the actual band. It just reminds me why I don't read 'unofficial' critique by those who do not personally know their subjects.

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