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I was sightseeing in NYC, so the scenes at the Statue of Liberty piqued my interest to visit that location. fondly recall the climactic fight scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Saboteur where Robert Cummings confronts his nemesis atop the statue. One of Hitchcock's early uses of landmarks. There's something about incorporating such an iconic symbol that appeals. Remember Men in Black 2?

I didn't get to the Statue this time, but I will in the future. Because it's a part of our culture, but also because it's a touchstone for some of my formative fictional experiences, such as with Saboteur and now with The Devil's Paymaster. I've even used it in one of my own short stories.

The Benevolent Order of Death had sections that offer insight into the current political climate post-9/11. We're not faced with the growing threat of Nazi Germany and the onset of World War II that existed when Page wrote this story, but the idea that people with personal, profit-driven agendas would attempt to profit from the conflict is too close to what we experienced with the Gulf War and the Bush Administration. We just didn't have the Spider to set things right before someone like front man Barnum Wright (George W. Bush) came into power. There's even a Boss pulling strings behind Wright, whose fondness for jingoistic appeals to disaffected masses blinds most to their true goals.

I guess something like this never gets old. You see it with Fox (Faux) News and the GOP and Tea Party. It's definitely true that you need to study history so you don't repeat it.

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