Not So Rotten Ralph Book & Cassette

PDF-file by Jack Gantos

Not So Rotten Ralph Book & Cassette PDF ebook download The text opens with Ralph in a chef's hat and checkered apron, making blueberry pancakes and a mess in the process.Sarah asks him to be neat, but he doesn't listen and sprays whipped cream all over the kitchen.When he goes outside to play, he scares the mailman, squirts him with an H20 ray gun, and mail flies in every direction.While Sarah is reading in her room, Ralph cuts the bottom of her dress.Sarah is sick of Ralph behaving badly, so she sends him to Mr. Fred's Feline Finishing School where there is a long list of "golden rules."Ralph decides that they work better as an airplane.Mr. Fred tries to teach the cat class self control by bringing them to a room with tempting objects: a fish tank, a bird, valuable statues, and a vase.Ralph fails miserably.Next he tries to teach them table manners; Ralph is covered in spaghetti.Then they are off to the Fluff and Buff Room for a bath, which Ralph hates.Finally, Fred must resort to hypnosis.Of course, in their zombified state, all of the cats pass the class.Sarah is so excited, she throws Ralph a party.All he does is sleep.To her surprise, Sarah wants the old Ralph back.To achieve this, she chases a mouse and eats a fish.As a last resort, she throws cold water on his face.Rotten Ralph is back.

eBook Not So Rotten Ralph Book & Cassette

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