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Linkletter Down Under PDF ebook download Intriguing look at Australia in the late 50's and early 60's. Art Linkletter took some of his Hollywood money and invested it in farming schemes in Australia. The first one a rice farming enterprise near Darwin failed due to insurmountable obstacles mainly the torrential rains "the wet" and scorching dry periods. Flocks of geese also descended on the paddies cue wholesale slaughter of said birds. Attitudes and responses to local and exotic fauna and flora are definitely pre-environmentalism.

Linkletter then shifted his focus to Western Australia more specifically an area near Esperance (a spectacularly beautiful spot if Google images are anything to go by)and embarked on sheep and cattle farming. Here he had more success mainly due to John Hagon a local Australian who became his farm manager. (Hagon's account of his trip across Australia in a 14 year old truck to claim his land in Esperance is a highlight here).

Linkletter's account is obviously dated since it was written in the 60's but he's a genial host and the book is full of interesting local knowledge and well worth perusing. Esperance here I come! as long as the weather holds and the 3 Dog Nights are few and far betweeen.(An Aboriginal term referring to how many dingo's it requires to keep warm and cuddle up to on a cold night.

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