Take Control of Your Inbox and Punch Procrastination in the Face

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Do you have an unruly inbox? Is the email clutter a constant eye sore for you? And do you finally want to get more work done every day instead of cruising around the Internet and give into distractions?

An unruly inbox with unorganized messages can feel like a hole you can't escape from. But how can you combat a constant stream of information and separate trash from the emails you want to read?

Dominic Wolff has the solution in his book "Tame Your Gmail in 5 Easy Steps with David Allen's GTD."

Gmail, the world's most popular email service, has a hefty set of features for communication, productivity, collaboration, and note taking. The secret to achieving productivity and email management lies with Google. Dominic Wolff's productivity and time management system, which is thoroughly discussed in "Tame Your Gmail in 5 Easy Steps," harnesses the power of various Google services, namely Gmail, Google Tasks, Google Drive, and Google Calendar, to help you get more things done and finally process the thousands of emails sitting in your inbox. By following Wolff's methodical approach, you'll be able to turn your Gmail into a productivity and efficiency powerhouse.

In this book, Wolff will teach you:

How to use Google's stellar array of productivity tools How the famous time management system Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen works How to apply the GTD methodology for time management and productivity How to turn Gmail into the most efficient GTD tool How to organize your inbox in such a way that you'll be able to empty your inbox and prioritize your tasks and projects How to turn Google's Gmail, Tasks, Calendar, and Drive into note taking apps to be able to write down everything and forget nothing

Not only will Wolff teach you how to be productive and organized, he will spark efficiency in you. So, scroll up and hit "Buy now with 1 click" to reduce email anxiety and take control of your time.

eBook Take Control of Your Inbox and Punch Procrastination in the Face

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