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Moonshadows PDF ebook download Right man, wrong century? Feeling trapped between an attraction to her rich, handsome boss and loyalty to her penniless boyfriend, Jessica "Jez" Skelton hopes a visit to her aunt's house will clear her head. Instead, a box of inherited letters raises the dust of the past-and clouds her present even more. The eighteenth century letters resurrect the tragic love story of Sarah, a woman who was mysteriously erased from the family history. A woman whose love for a rich and powerful lord forms a disturbing parallel to Jez's life. Is it a warning not to succumb to her boss-or risk suffering the same unhappy fate? Piers Cordeaux knows his advances are forcing Jez into a corner, but he can't seem to help himself. Something about her reaches deep inside him, awakening needs that all his money can't satisfy. He can't shake the conviction that they are meant for each other. As Jez tries to ignore her growing attraction to Piers, she is drawn deeper into her ancestor's desperate story. And she begins to wonder if her connection to Piers is an accident.or the work of a ghost whose determination to claim his lady reaches across two centuries of time. Warning: This book contains two love triangles, passion that persists beyond the grave, and dashing heroes who may haunt your dreams.

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