Small Business Rocket Fuel

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Small Business Rocket Fuel PDF ebook download Want to Make Money from Your Small Business?

In today’s rollercoaster economy, your small business needs every competitive advantage it can get. Most marketing books tell you what you could do, if only your company were Google or Facebook. In Small Business Rocket Fuel: Marketing Tools for Boosting Revenue, Candice M. Hughes, PhD shows you how real small businesses can increase their sales with affordable, effective marketing. Her ideas are firmly grounded in business theory based on MBA training, over a decade in marketing-related positions and six years of running her own consulting firm where she increased her income 300% in 2 years.

Whether you run Sally’s Pet Grooming, Joe Smith’s Consulting Group, or are Chris Brown the Thriller Author, you will find clear, explicit steps with worksheets to lead you along the road to stand-out marketing.

eBook Small Business Rocket Fuel

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