Seeking the Truth (Hostage Heart Series, #2)

PDF-file by Madison Murphy

Seeking the Truth (Hostage Heart Series, #2) PDF ebook download Alternate Cover Edition B00KSUPEC6

After being rescued from a traumatic kidnapping, Daisy felt nothing but gratitude toward her boyfriend, Brian. So much so, that she decided she was ready to take the next step with him.

However, after finding a note from her kidnapper, Daisy is left questioning whether the events of the kidnapping really went down the way she thought.

With her life being torn in two different directions, Daisy must figure out the truth before she finds herself in a marriage she can't escape. Should she trust her handsome, wealthy fiancé, or should she side with the bad boy kidnapper that stole her heart?

eBook Seeking the Truth (Hostage Heart Series, #2)

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