Slim Buttes, 1876

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Slim Buttes, 1876 PDF ebook download Jerome A. Greene's book about the battle of Slim Buttes is the best secondary source of information about the battle between troops of General George Crook's Bighorn and Yellowstone Expedition and Native-Americans at that place on September 9, 1876.

In addition to the battle itself, the author details the movement of Crook's column before and after the battle, and he provides detailed descriptions of the privations suffered by the troops during the campaign.Torrential rain and supply problems combined to break down both the soldiers and stock, and the troops subsisted on horse meat from the worn-out cavalry mounts before additional supplies were acquired from the mining settlements in the Black Hills.

While the battle was a victory for the U.S. Army, it was far from decisive.The strategic victories which won the Great Sioux War for the U.S. Army were achieved later in 1876 by troops under Generals Nelson A. Miles and Ranald Mackenzie, but the tide of the Great Sioux War changed in favor of the U.S. Army at Slim Buttes - the first significant victory over the Lakota by U.S. troops after the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

In addition to the fine account of the battle and campaign, the author also includes the official reports of the department, regimental, and battalion commanders in the appendices, as well as historian Walter Camp's first-hand account of his discovery of the battlefield site in 1917.The publication of these primary sources enhances the utility of the book.

With the single exception of the missing page 102 (page 108 is duplicated in its place), the book is well done.

Jerome A. Greene is the among the best historians of the Great Sioux War, and this book demonstrates that fact.Highly recommended!

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