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Telect, Inc. PDF ebook download “Telect, Inc, a Story of Faith, Family, and Business” is an inspiring story of the birth of a family-owned telecommunications business.The company started with three employees, Bill, Judi, and their son Wayne who was 18 years old at the time. Bill jokes that they were the only people he could afford to hire. It was a family affair from the very beginning.The book recounts many of their experiences in the early days to passing the leadership baton on to their son Wayne, and his experiences proving that he was the right person for the job.The book takes you through Telect’s amazing growth in the late 90s, with operations in four countries and over 2,000 employees, to the telecom tumble in 2000.Bill and Judi took their life experiences and built a company based on faith, hard work, and dedication to their employees.There are many quotes throughout the book from past and current employees that help you feel and experience the corporate culture that is Telect’s foundation.Bill and Judi also share some of their childhood experiences and amusing stories of their life in Alaska which gives the reader a personal insight into this entrepreneurial family.

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