The confessions of a Harvard man

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The confessions of a Harvard man PDF ebook download "Confessions of a Harvard Man" was first published in 1935 under the title: "The Street I Know".Editor Hugh D. Ford, who himself has written about literary Paris between the wars, has hereby resurrected the name-dropping references by expatriate Stearns to such literary companions as Maugham, Gertrude Stein, Santayana, Lewis, Mumford, Sherwood Anderson, H.L. Mencken, and many other greats. He has added a useful index as well as photographs of these luminaries and of New York’s Greenwich Village, where Stearns started his career as a journalist critic, and Montparnasse in Paris, where he became the apotheosis of the lost generation.

Stearns here tells about his work with such prestigious publications as The Dial, which he edited and wherein he fulminated about the decay of U.S. culture in the 1920s.Here is the author’s account of how his personal abhorrence of his own country led him to publicly exile himself to Paris, as well as frank details about his fall from grace as a cultural Moses and the eventual, uphill fight back to critical recognition.

eBook The confessions of a Harvard man

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