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you don't exist PDF ebook download This was an absolute blast. I didn't expect to like it so much, but Pablo D'Stair's novella BLEED THE GHOST EMPTY kind of swept me off my feet from the get go. It's a clever, disorienting and awesomely symbolic story of a man in a car, trying to find his way to somewhere he doesn't really know or neither can conceptualize. While it doesn't end as strong as it started, it felt fun, fresh and groundbreaking.

Chris Rhatigan's PESSIMIST was more on the classic side, but it held its own and it sure held my attention for the hour or so it lasted me. I'm a bit of an existentialist fiction freak, so not everybody might have as much fun as I did reading this, but think as YOU DON'T EXIST as TRUE DETECTIVE meets TWIN PEAKS and Jim Thompson. Short, sweet and profoundly tormented. Just like I love them.

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