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Marriage SOS PDF ebook download Blended family and "step" situations are one of the leading causes of relationship breakdown and family conflict. From silent resentment and seething jealousy to outright hostility and money battles, they can take their toll on otherwise loving partners. Marriage SOS: Blended Family Edition is a fast and effective "survival guide" that helps partners, bio and step-parents end their "blended" battles to become a happier, healthier family unit in one month. In this Blended Family Edition of her Marriage SOS book series, Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B. draws upon her years of experience as an in-the-trenches couples' and family mediator, as well as a leading relationship/intimacy author-expert, to offer realistic, gloves-are-off advice to partners who are struggling with a blended family or step situation. Best of all, she helps partners use their step situation to actually strengthen their relationship instead of letting it chip away at it. Marriage SOS: Blended Family Edition targets and tackles the biggest challenges that partners, bio and step-parents face, from a loss of intimacy in their relationship and frustration over child support payments to dealing with a troublesome ex-spouse or finding the patience to understand and connect with a step-child - and everything in between. This edition of Marriage SOS also includes 30 "lifelines" to help partners and bio or step-parents consistently improve their situation over a month-long period. Marriage SOS: Blended Family Edition is suitable for partners who are married, cohabiting or dating.

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