Swedish Comic Sin 4

PDF-file by Natalia Batista

Swedish Comic Sin 4 PDF ebook download This is the fourth anthology with more erotic graphic short stories by some of Sweden’s new aspiring artists!
What’s really hot? Imagination or physical touch?Maybe a combination, living your fantasies? Man turned woman. Old turned young. New exciting places. Because sex is adventure. Sex is experimentation. Sex is wet, and sex is war!

This anthology contains comics by:
Anette Bengtsson, Cecilia Petersson, Emanu Garnheim, Jenni “Luna” Söderlund, Malin Lindroos, Marcus Linda “Malinda” Lindmark, Maria Simone Büchert and My Eklund.
Editor: Natalia Batista.
See the blog for more info and previews of the comics:
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eBook Swedish Comic Sin 4

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