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Play by Play of Genesis PDF ebook download YouTube, dinosaurs, Bill Cosby, Indiana Jones, giants, sightings of Noah's Ark, Donny Osmond, the whereabouts of Cain today, interpretations and beliefs of various religions and many more intriguing facts bring the Bible to life today as John and Dave, two fictitious sports commentators, unfold the mysteries of the book of Genesis.


...Now we’re getting into some action with the animals—but what about the dinosaurs?

Well, John, the Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs here, but later on in the Bible there are references to what are likely dinosaurs.The Hebrew words “tanniyn,” “bahemowth,” and “livyathan,” are likely all dinosaurs, and all mentioned in the Bible.“Tanniyn” is usually translated as “dragon,” though it can also be interpreted as “serpent,” “sea monster,” “dinosaur,” “great creature,” and “reptile.”“Bahemowth” in English Bibles is “behemoth,” and “livyathan” is “Leviathan.”The Hebrew word “tanniyn” is usually translated as “dragon,” and is most likely equivalent to the generic term “dinosaur,” which word wasn’t used until 1841 AD.“Behemoth” most likely refers to a specific dinosaur—the “brachiosaurus”—which word wasn’t used until 1903 AD.“Leviathan” is likely a reference to what scientists refer to today as “kronosaurus,” which word wasn’t used until 1901 AD.

So Dave, how did these scientific names come about?

Good question, John.Well, in 1822, Mary Ann Mantell was the first person to discover a dinosaur bone, and her husband, Dr. Gideon Mantell, named the creature an “Iguanodon.”From this time forward, people named the dinosaurs from the bones that they discovered.This was many years after the Bible was written, as the Bible was written between approximately 1450 BC and 95 AD.

This play by play commentary of Genesis includes the entire King James version of Genesis, with commentary as if by two sports commentators—me (Dave) and John.Our commentary will help bring the Bible to life, for adults as well as youth, to make reading the Bible more interesting and exciting.

eBook Play by Play of Genesis

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