Deputy Daddy

PDF-file by Charlotte Maclay

Deputy Daddy PDF ebook download Mills & Boon Sweet series promises love affairs to last a lifetime…She was alone, pregnant and couldn't remember a thing!

Found wandering on the beach with a huge bump on her head, Marla's only reality was her impending motherhood and the man who'd rescued her. Strong, generous and to-die-for, Johnny Fuentes was any woman's ideal mate so who else could he be, but her husband?

Police Chief Johnny Fuentes was in deep trouble. On doctor's orders, he would pretend he was Marla's husband until her memories returned. But living as man and wife, with the birth of her child imminent, Johnny suddenly wanted the sham marriage to be a real one. But how could he claim this woman when the truth about her was still a mystery?

eBook Deputy Daddy

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