The Common Cup

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The Common Cup PDF ebook download Ever slip your hand into the pocket of a coat unworn for a trinity of seasons and find there objects left over from what seems to be a lifetime ago? A paper clip, an old piece of chewing gum, a few tattered pieces of paper, notes with something then urgent, but now with escaped significance? Ever watch a three-year-old play in a sandbox, creating castles with imaginary inhabitants limited only by his or her creativity? Ever have a private place where you spent some of your adolescence experimenting with ideas, relationships, and objects which, at the time, were viewed askance by a suspicious adult world? Ever have a marriage or an intimate relationship and be pressed to wonder in a private moment what makes it tick...or not, and how it will evolve twenty, thirty years down the road? Ever encounter someone panhandling on the street, in an office, or in a park and wonder about his story, her history, their plights that brought them to this request for a handout; and if you gave something, and your fingers grazed that roughened palm, ever wonder what lined and wrinkled that hand, what experiences and "touches" had crossed that palm before yours? Ever wonder what happens to spirituality if it becomes ensconced in institutional religion and forfeits some of its soul? In this unique book of poetry, Tom Conley, author, preacher, psychotherapist, and retired Canon Pastor of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta, Ga., explores some of these ordinary events of our lives that carry spiritual meanings...but only if we are paying attention, and if we are mindful of the elements that create soulful moments and pour these varied experiences into The Common Cup. Conley is ExecutiveDirector and Pastoral-Theologian-in-Residence at the Florence McDonnell Counseling and Spiritual Life Center in Atlanta.

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