Revitalizarea corporatiei. Cum reusesc liderii sa produca schimbarea

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Revitalizarea corporatiei. Cum reusesc liderii sa produca schimbarea PDF ebook download WHY + HOW = WOW!

Some business books ask why. Others tell you how. Uniquely and powerfully, Re-Energizing The Corporation explains why you must lead change and how to do it.

Jonas Ridderstråle, co-author of the international bestseller Funky Business and one of the world’s most influential business gurus, provides a vibrant and energizing take on the world of today and tomorrow. Mark Wilcox, backed by 25 years of frontline business experience in some of the world’s best-known corporations, offers a uniquely practical approach to turning ideas into to action and making change a reality. Together, they blend ideas, cases, models and practical examples into a framework that enables you to master the art of making positive change happen.

Re-Energizing The Corporation is built on the groundbreaking 3e leadership model, which makes sense of the three Es of Envisioning, Engaging and Executing. By understanding and following the model, you will be able to create compelling pictures of the future of your organization; build a following of individuals committed to getting the vision into reality; and maximize team performance to deliver on your dream.

Re-energizing the Corporation aims to shake organizations out of their all too common torpor. It will help those leaders who know they need to change to become the surprise-shockers of their industries by re-energizing themselves and their teams.

eBook Revitalizarea corporatiei. Cum reusesc liderii sa produca schimbarea

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