Up from Eden

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Up from Eden PDF ebook download WOW. If I could give this book 10 stars, I would. Not the first of his I've read, but the one I've paid most attention to so far in terms of re-reading sections and thinking deeply on it.If you have an interest in the evolution of human spirituality and the search for Spirit and higher consciousness, then his books will speak to you.He has an amazing ability to tie together history, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and religious studies in one whole "big picture" package — his vision never fails to amaze and delight me, and his books often make me laugh out loud, read passages aloud, etc.He's kin to Joseph Campbell both in his views and his lean toward Buddhism, as well as the rigor of his research.I swear that reading Wilber makes you smarter. If you've asked yourself what the meaning of life is, or how you can be a better person, or both, I think his writing gives a lot to chew on — he's an intellectual, but he writes from a humanist perspective of compassion and true curiosity.

eBook Up from Eden

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