Sister Slam and the Poetic Motormouth Road Trip

PDF-file by Linda Oatman High

Sister Slam and the Poetic Motormouth Road Trip PDF ebook download I was smitten,
by a love bug
or something.
I didn't
even care
that I'd
just been hit.
I was in deep
Laura Crapper, a seventeen-year-old combat-boot-wearing poet with spiked red hair, renames herself Sister Slam and hits the road with her best friend, Twig. On the way to a slam poetry contest in New Jersey, they hit a pig, get pulled over by the cops, fight with one of the judges, lose the contest, get into two more fender benders, fight with each other, and finally land on the front page of a New York City newspaper for their amazing impromptu performance at the famous Tavern on the Green. The girls and their fresh style of poetry take the city by storm, but when Laura's father back in Pennsylvania has a heart attack, she must face her fears about home and the still-raw loss of her mother. This inspiring romp of a coming-of-age story, written entirely in Laura's in-your-face slam poetry style, proves you don't have to give up your home to live your dream.

eBook Sister Slam and the Poetic Motormouth Road Trip

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