On the Banks of the Bayou (Little House: The Rose Years, #7)

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On the Banks of the Bayou (Little House: The Rose Years, #7) PDF ebook download The Little House books have captivated generations of readers with their story of the little pioneer girl Laura Ingalls growing LIP on the American frontier. Now the Little House story continues with The Rose Years, books that tell the story of Laura and Almanzo Wilder's daughter, Rose.

The first six books in the series describe the Wilders' journey to Missouri, their first three years on Rocky Ridge Farm. and their move to the town of Mansfield. In this latest Rose Years title, a whole new world opens LIP for Rose when she leaves Rocky Ridge Farm and moves to Louisiana to live with her aunt Eliza Jane. Rose is sixteen now, and she thrives in a city brimming with excitement and adventure. Rose even finds herself becoming an independent young woman with her own ideas, ambitions, and dreams.

ON THE BANKS OF THE BAYOU continues the story that Laura Ingalls Wilder began more than sixty years ago — a story whose wonder and adventure have charmed millions of readers.

eBook On the Banks of the Bayou (Little House: The Rose Years, #7)

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