Beyond Power

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Beyond Power PDF ebook download Read this read this read this! This immense book, published in 1986 no less, reads alternately like a primitivist book, a feminist herstory of the world and power-over, an anthropological and social study, a call to each other’s arms, a feminist vision for the future, an insightful bullshit detector for our modern civilization, and so much more. While some of it is slightly dated, this book lays patriarchal, Western civilization bare and points to a way out. I wanted to reproduce large sections for this zine, but really don’t have the space. Of course I never agree with everything in a book, but this is feminist thought as anarchy, and she says so, too. What struck me the most was her repeated use of the term “felicity”. The joy and happiness and connection in life that we lack, that our societal structures and hierarchical interactions can’t provide. She argues against resistance as sacrifice and instead argues for resistance based on felicity. Meaning, you can’t shame and guilt someone into fighting for freedom, but we can make our fight into a movement that provides the feelings and well-being we need and currently don’t have. Highest recommendations.

eBook Beyond Power

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