With You (The Knights Brothers, #1)

PDF-file by Ann King

With You (The Knights Brothers, #1) PDF ebook download FOR ADULTS 18+ DUE TO SEXUAL SITUATIONS AND MATURE LANGUAGE

I didn’t know how I was going to get over losing Peter—the guy I was supposed to spend my life with.

Losing him was like losing a part of my soul. I didn’t know if I could start over again. To trust again.

Then hot and sexy as sin, Cory “Mr. Trouble” Knights came back into the picture. He was Peter’s best friend and my sworn enemy…

Stranded alone…in the middle of a deadly storm, fighting for survival, was the last place I thought I’d see Cory again. But it turned out to be an experience I will never forget…

eBook With You (The Knights Brothers, #1)

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