Introducing Anthropology

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Introducing Anthropology PDF ebook download Legitimately, it is difficult to introduce anthropology without discussing its problematic history.However, I was expecting much more of an Anthro 101 type textbook in graphic novel format.I rarely review books based on thwarted expectation, but in flipping through this I for sure thought there'd be more about, say, kinship customs; and less dry discussion of, say, how differing schools of anthropological thought approach resource allocation.But when I started to read it...dry.

The illustrations occasionally made me wince, as well; while the text discusses some of anthropology's racist past, it is hard to figure out where that falls into the picture with stereotypical illustrations of different races.Was I supposed to read those illustrations as caricatures or were they just poorly thought out?Does it really matter?

All of that said, what the text examines, it examines well for an introductory graphic novel; however, knowing the subject of anthropology as well as I do (i.e., as well as your average anthropology major) and how much that informed my reading of this book, I might be wary of coming cold to other books in this series.

eBook Introducing Anthropology

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