Harp O' Gold

PDF-file by Teresa Bateman

Harp O' Gold PDF ebook download A traveling minstrel finds joy in playing for people across Ireland, but longs to play for the well off and to live a more luxurious lifestyle.When a little man hears his sighs of discontent he offers to trade his harp of gold for the minstrel’s wooden one.While the music of the golden harp doesn’t sound quite as good, no one else seems to notice and the minstrel soon finds himself invited to all the wealthy homes to play.The minstrel soon finds himself a prisoner of the king who seeks to keep the status of the much talked of minstrel with a golden harp for himself.No longer free to travel and learning that his harp attracts attention for the wealth it exudes and not the music played, the minstrel begins to plot his escape.Will he ever be able to go back to his old life when he was free, played fine music and had the attention of his audience?

eBook Harp O' Gold

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