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Charles Dickens PDF ebook download Stephen Leacock shares the stage with Charles Dickens and Mark Twain as one of the best-loved humorists in the English-speaking world, and at the time of its original publication, Leacock's biography of Dickens was widely and enthusiastically hailed as a vital, grand and masterful examination of the man and his writing. That Leacock's biography of the great novelist was the first to explore the humor as well as the morality of Dickens' novels is only natural. He was and remains, after all, one of the most celebrated writers of humor in the world — revered by critics and his fellow writers alike. (It was the American humorist Robert Benchley who said of Leacock: "I have written everything that he ever wrote — anywhere from one to five years after him.") "In due time it will be known that the works of Charles Dickens represent the highest reach of the world's imaginative literature," Leacock wrote in "Charles Dickens: His Life and Work. Of Leacock's masterful recounting of the life of "Dickens, the "New York Times wrote, "There is wit in this book, and such sprightliness as only a Stephen Leacock could inject into it."

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