Children of the Vampire & Covenant with the Vampire

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Children of the Vampire & Covenant with the Vampire PDF ebook download Okay, here are the bare facts: I was born in Florida on December 17, 1954, and I've been interested in books ever since. My interest in language led me to earn a B.A. in Russian in 1976 (although my major was microbiology until my senior year).

That was soon followed by a two-year stint as a legal secretary. The good part about that was, I learned how to type, which comes in useful these days. Then I wound up in grad school, and earned an M.A. in Linguistics from the University of South Florida. I also took a few post-graduate classes in computational linguistics at Georgetown University, just for fun.

With freshly earned M.A. in hand, I traveled with my beloved consort, George, to Washington, D.C., where I managed to land a job teaching English as a Second Language at The American University. I taught there for eight years before retiring to write full time.

At the moment, I live on the West Coast with the afore-mentioned beloved consort and two overly-adored Labradors. My outside interests include yoga, Buddhism, quilting, dog training and reading everything ever published.

eBook Children of the Vampire & Covenant with the Vampire

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