Sawyer (Buckhorn Brothers, #1)

PDF-file by Lori Foster

Sawyer (Buckhorn Brothers, #1) PDF ebook download Cute book, cute story, hot brothers (check out the reissued covers!) –something had to stand out right ;D

Book 1 of the Buckhorn Brothers introduces all 4 brothers and focuses on the oldest one Sawyer.He’s got some issues but they’re soon allayed once the heroine shows up.She’s not my favourite kind of heroine—a bit too “mature” for a 25 year old and sometimes she does really dumb things but over all she’s alright.The brothers are all drool worthy in one way or another, they’re pretty funny too as only brothers can be between each other, and the ending makes you want to pick up the rest of the books and read about their stories.

So it’s an easy, light read if you’re looking for something quick that doesn’t drain the brain on a sunny/rainy/long bus ride across the country kind of afternoon :)

eBook Sawyer (Buckhorn Brothers, #1)

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