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Edward Wesson 1910 - 1983 PDF ebook download Throughout his career, the great English painter Edward Wesson was an inspirational teacher, known for his outrageous sense of humour as well as for his great passion for art and for the affection and enthusiasm he aroused in others. He remains a huge influence upon thousands of artists who strive to emulate his free and liberating style. In recent years there has been an unprecedented demand for the work of Edward Wesson, both from artists and collectors of his increasingly highly-regarded paintings.

In this sumptuous new volume, Steve Hall and Barry Miles have been given unparalleled access to the personal archive of work that Wesson used to illustrate his teaching up and down the country. In addition to these,Wesson’s favourite images, are other previously unpublished works drawn from a number of private collections and the Street Gallery, to present a refreshing and original view of this unique artist.

Seldom has the work of a single artist been presented in such a stunning collection with such fondness and authority. With a foreword by internationally-known artist and television personality Alwyn Crawshaw, this will be a volume for the countless devotees of Edward Wesson to treasure.

Barry Miles has worked in graphics and publishing for a number of years in conjunction with an equally successful career as a landscape artist holding five one-person exhibitions throughout the 80s and 90s. He has published two books on Edward Wesson, Edward Wesson 1910-1983 in 1999 and The Watercolours of Edward Wesson in 2004.

Steve Hall was born in Bath and educated at Bath Technical School,The City of Bath College and Huddersfield College of Education. He spent much of his working life teaching building and architecture in Essex and Kent and was eventually an assistant principle for Gwent Tertiary College.

ISBN 978 1 84114 648 5, hardback, 230x235mm, 144 pages. Published November 2007.

eBook Edward Wesson 1910 - 1983

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