Great Migrations

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Fiction: Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin Jr.,@2011
Nonfiction Great Migration Butterflies by Laura Marsh,@2010

Rationale:The reason why I chose this fiction book to pair up with my nonfiction butterfly book is because it tells a story of 10 different kinds of caterpillars and where they are found and the names of the plants that he has illustrated are on each page.The second reason why I chose this book is because after the very simple story at the end of the story he shows and tells the names of the caterpillars, what they look like and what kinds of moths or butterflies they turn into.I connected that book to the Butterflies migration book which tells the story of the Monarch butterfly and its life and migration from the United States and Canada to Mexico every year.

Text Structure: The text structure of the migration book is that it is written in sequential order.It tells the reader of the migration from beginning to end and how the process starts over again every year with a new generation of butterflies.The book also has information about the life cycle, what they eat, how their habitats are at risk because of deforestation in Mexico, and a page with 10 cool facts about Monarchs.

Strategy Application:I would have my students read about the different kinds of butterflies and moths to compare and contrast them.They could have discussions about food and habitat.You could also compare and contrast them in their caterpillar phase as well.

(2011, March 1). School Library Journal.

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