Four Days, Five Nights

PDF-file by Christine Flynn

Four Days, Five Nights PDF ebook download Mills & Boon Blush series brings you moving, true-to-life romancesTHE ARCTIC TEMPERATURE COULDN?T COOL THE HEAT BETWEEN THEM

Kind-hearted veterinarian Melissa Porter only wanted the coyote cubs in her care to reach their natural habitat. Instead, she crash-landed in the Washington wilderness with a man who acted as cold as their surroundings. Then, he would give her one of those smouldering looks, setting her whole body on fire.

Pilot Nick Magruder knew about survival. He had survived the end of his marriage and business. So, what were a few days in arctic temperatures? He'd already put his heart into deep-freeze for protection. But something about Melissa, her warmth, her smile, had him thawing quickly. He had to get them out of there otherwise his heart wouldn't survive .

eBook Four Days, Five Nights

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