Liquid Avenue

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Liquid Avenue PDF ebook download Nightclub bookkeeper Anthony Trapp is adrift. More than anything, he wants to man the helm for his irresponsible employers; for his steady girlfriend, Rita; and for his secret infatuation, Deejee. But all of his plans run aground when the wife of one of his bosses is found dead in Liquid Avenue, the seedy nightclub where he works, located in upscale Santa Barbara, California. Now Anthony, like everyone else, wants to know who killed Lyss Nelson-and why.

Police detective Rachel Imanaka has no solid leads. Even though Lyss's husband, Tommy, is MIA, Anthony becomes a serious suspect since he was the last person to see Lyss alive-or so he thought at the time. Desperate to clear his name, Anthony launches his own investigation while juggling two romances, attempting to keep the nightclub afloat, and keeping the persistent Detective Imanaka off his trail. As he mulls a list of possible suspects and uncovers disturbing secrets, Anthony makes the unpleasant discovery that time always seems to be running out at Liquid Avenue.

In this chilling mystery, an amateur sleuth who takes it upon himself to solve a workplace murder soon realizes that nothing is ever as it seems as a killer waits to strike again.

eBook Liquid Avenue

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