Right Man, Wrong Time

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Right Man, Wrong Time PDF ebook download A romantic getaway vacation—in the pre-Civil War Ozarks? What if, alone and lost in a Missouri Ozarks cave in the 21st Century, you stumble through an exit—and land in the lap of an aromatic man in 1859? Not your idea of the perfect vacation? Then pity Susa Hildebrand, dependent for survival on a cranky aerial photographer whose government mission outranks helping her find her way home, and whose assets include transportation (mules), food (beans), protection (a rifle), and a lusty aura. She also has to wear an ugly dress until someone even unluckier shows up in the dangerous, male-dominated border area. Bickford Pelletier can be mighty persuasive, though, and if she has to live in his time, Susa could do a lot worse. But what about the teenage twins she left behind? [Cover art Jennifer Kokoski]

eBook Right Man, Wrong Time

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