House Museums in Italy

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House Museums in Italy PDF ebook download These notable homes, from the simplest houses to stately mansions, have been selected not only for their beauty or the fame and importance of their inhabitants, but because they tell a story - always different, always captivating. The house museums illustrated in this book are divided according to type: * Houses of famous people* Collector s Houses* Houses of Beauty * Houses that have witnessed historic events* Houses chosen by a community* Stately Homes, Royal Palaces and places of power* Houses of the Clergy* Ethno-Anthropological HousesThere is a different itinerary for each house, giving the visitor an insider s guide to Italian culture, its arts, crafts, music and poetry as well as its gastronomic traditions and the art of living. The book not only suggests a new way to visit these museums - which increasingly meet and exceed the new expectations of a growing and varied public - but it also gives the reader the resources to make their own tourist itineraries far from the madding crowd.Full English text

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