The Trailrider's Fortune

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The Trailrider's Fortune PDF ebook download How much in life is chance? How much is choice? How much is Fate?

Rafe Conley has made the choice to work as a freelance gun and bounty hunter. He rides into some of the West's rowdiest towns, taking care of problems for men willing to pay top dollar, and has earned a chilling reputation.

By chance outside the Wichita saloon called The Scarlet Lady, he meets Sparkle LaFleur, a beautiful tarot card reader. From that fateful encounter, destiny takes the reins. Will a man who's lived by his gun be doomed to die by it, or can love be the redemption for both the gunfighter and his enigmatic lady?

This book is an Old West adventure, with colorful period language. The atmosphere is sensual and gritty. A dark story nevertheless touched with humor, this is a historical romance for readers seeking a tale that spans a range of emotions and characters they won't soon forget.

Note: Taken from inside cover of the Kindle Edition (ASIN B00A2V7P96)-
Copyright 1999 Shannah Biondine
All Rights Reserved
(Originally Published as Impassioned Vagabond)

eBook The Trailrider's Fortune

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