The Wedding Deal

PDF-file by Marie Kelly

The Wedding Deal PDF ebook download When Alex Demitri proposes marriage to Tessa Jones, it is not out of love but as a business deal, in which both will get what they need - Tessa financial security, and Alexis the ability to continue his playboy ways while protecting his longed for children.

“Because marriage is something that too many rush into with no real thought of what they actually want......I want a woman who understands my lifestyle...who will produce for me the children I want, and if all fails will not take away most of my business......or my children”

However, Tessa needs money, and lots of it to save her friend Andrew. Her grandfather blackmails her into the marriage for his own needs, when he finds out about her problems. When the opportunity for escape presents itself will Tessa be able to leave the enigmatic Greek, or will it be more than their contract that keeps her by his side

eBook The Wedding Deal

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