Charmed Again (The Charmed, #2)

PDF-file by Lindy Zart

Charmed Again (The Charmed, #2) PDF ebook download I was fully prepared to hate this book within the first 2 pages. I love Creed. I fell in love with Creed in the first edition of Charmed. My heart broke for him, I felt such despair for him. His heart was broken, his soul was stripped. I felt betrayed that he didn't get his Sunshine. Through the first few chapters, experiencing his pain and suffering was so hard for me. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and make his world ok again.

Flash forward 20 years, Creed has sequestered himself from Urian, and from Earth. Unbeknownst to him, Urain is crumbling, Manang are losing their powers, Pitied are becoming unclaimed. And no one knows why. Creed is confused and still doesn't care. The darkness is taking over him. I was ready to stop reading. I couldn't watch Creed give up and kill himself with sadness and hopelessness.

Remy is a breath of fresh air. She's been looking for Creed for years, she knows he is her future. I love her determination, no matter what Creed says to her, she doesn't go away, she won't give up. It's her determination to love Creed no matter what that ultimately brings him out of the darkness.

I know there's going to be a third book. And honestly, I am bouncing off the walls for it. Lindy Zart surprised me with this one! I'm hooked!

eBook Charmed Again (The Charmed, #2)

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