Claimed by the Alphas

PDF-file by Viola Rivard

Claimed by the Alphas PDF ebook download For Mila Foster, the idea of becoming an alpha wolf’s mate is so tantalizing that she is willing to leave her human life behind to join the Lazarus pack. Their alpha, the handsome and sensual Asch, is more than she could have ever hoped for, and Mila is beyond ready to surrender herself to him. That is, until she finds out that the Lazarus pack has a second alpha, the dominant and primitive Caim.

Caim’s wolf lurks very close to the surface. He likes the lean and taut females of his own kind, women who can handle the aggressive mating he enjoys. He has no interest in Mila, that is, until he gets his hands on her lush curves.

Claimed by the Alphas: Part One is 17,000 words of werewolf/BBW romance. It is the first entry in the Claimed series, chronicling Mila Foster's efforts to hold her new pack together by accepting the claim of both of its alphas. The series will contain strong sexual themes and ménage romance, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

eBook Claimed by the Alphas

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