Counting on Arthur

PDF-file by Roger Osborne

Counting on Arthur PDF ebook download There is nothing outwardly unusual about NBG Ltd - just another company going through hard times. But at its rotten core sits Arthur, an accountant with a soul, and, so he thinks, an intimate knowledge of the life of the office. But while Arthur patiently struggles in to work, keeps the firm's books in order and desperately tries to seduce a succession of reluctant female colleagues, everything around him is decending into chaos and confusion. Evans, the upper-crust chairman, is retreating into a world of bizarre executive toys. Stan, the aged post-boy, is turning into a lycra-clad mountain-biker. Brian, Arthur's boss is spinning off into the outer realms of ebullient uselessness, and Gavin Lightwater, Head of Design, sits by his mobile phone which never rings.

eBook Counting on Arthur

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