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Eric Sloane's Don't PDF ebook download Don't speak with a full mouth of food when in the company of others.
Don't dress the causal when appearing for any meal served at the family table as this shows a poor choice in behavior when in public, inclduing one's own home.
When walking on a busy street in public, don't walk on the side of upcoming traffic as to interfere with everybody's busy.
Don't wear personal garments that you would wear in your own home out in public as this shows a sign of laziness and rude behavior.

These are some of the messages that are given by the author on how to behave in both private and public places. Most of these sound a bit old time but most of them are still important to follow. The need for this book arose at the time when the author felt that civil and moral behavior was on the decline in the late 1960's. He was right to include such books on public behavior on what to do and what not to do. Public behavior today is even worse then 30 years ago. People dress in pajamas to go shopping and are very rude when greeting or talking with people.

Most people would laugh at some of the suggestions made in this book such as, "When addressing someone of older age, always greet the person with a Mr. or, if appropriate, Mrs, or Dr; don't just say hello." This sort of behavior is almost never practiced with individuals of lower or uneducated surroundings but those of special upbringings, still do.

This book is short to read and great for any one looking to practice or teach on proper traits of civility.

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