The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode IX

PDF-file by Gav Thorpe

The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode IX PDF ebook download With the traitor unmasked, the Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies can finally rally to defeat the tau. Mekatus and Jearna continue their mission to destroy the tau vox-jammers. And Chapter Master Hearon, languishing in a coma, is hearing mysterious voices…

The first ever Black Library radio play
The Tranzia Rebellion is a new type of Black Library audio, our first ever radio play. What sets this apart from our audiobooks and audio dramas is that there is no narration at all; the whole story is told through a cast of voice actors and complimented by atmospheric sound effects for an incredibly immersive audio experience.
The story itself follows the Doom Eagles Space Marines and their allies in the Adepta Sororitas as they battle an uprising instigated by the insidious ideology of the Tau Empire. Expect plenty of tension, drama, and of course visceral close-up action.

eBook The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode IX

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