How to Stop Smoking

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How to Stop Smoking PDF ebook download If you want to enjoy an evening in the pub, or a meal at your favourite restaurant without craving a cigarette - or to enjoy all the fun without having to miss any while you are outside in the cold having your regular 'fix' - you need to become a non-smoker. And you need to stay that way for good.

You really can become a non-smoker if you want to. It doesn't take long, it doesn't hurt and it is permanent - if that's how you want it to be. This book and the desire to stop is all you need - there is no need for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), drugs or other products. This book sets out the key elements that will lead to successful cessation in a systematic way.

Quite simply, with the right knowledge and know-how anyone can give up once and for all, with far less stress and physical discomfort than most smokers have already experienced again and again in their previous failed attempts.

About the Author:
Author Dr Harry Alder is an expert on the mind and human behaviour and has written numerous books and given many seminars on the subject

eBook How to Stop Smoking

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