Bennett Cerf's Out on a Limerick

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Bennett Cerf's Out on a Limerick PDF ebook download What a precious gem of a book! Cerf has awakened me once again to poetry through his beautiful collection of limericks. This book is a keeper. It is filled with oodles of limericks like these:

Said a potentate gross and despotic,
"My tastes are more rich than exotic.
I've always adored
Making love in a Ford
Because I am auto-erotic."

There was a young lady from Del.
Who was most undoubtedly wel.
That to dress for a masque
Wasn't much of a tasque,
But she cried, "What on earth will my fel.?"

Limericks may be considered childish poetry, but everyone wants childish and chuckles every once in a while. :)

eBook Bennett Cerf's Out on a Limerick

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