InterGalactic Medicine Show Issue 12

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InterGalactic Medicine Show Issue 12 PDF ebook download Founded in 2005 by multi-award winning author, Orson Scott Card, Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show is a bold experiment in online magazine publishing. Featuring science fiction and fantasy short stories from an eclectic mix of established pros (including Card himself) and exciting up-and-comers, each Kindle issue contains the short stories and custom illustrations from the corresponding issue published on, as well as interviews and other content.

Certain content from the online version of the magazine, such as graphic novels and audio stories, may not be available in the Kindle version. Book reviews, movie reviews, game reviews, and other columns are always available for free at the magazine's website.

InterGalactic Medicine Show Issue 12 - May 2009: Table of Contents

Over There
by Tim Pratt

The Multiplicity Has Arrived
by Matthew S. Rotundo

Somewhere My Love
by Stephen Mark Rainey

The End-of-the-World Pool
by Scott M. Roberts

Hologram Bride: Part One
by Jackie Gamber

by Orson Scott Card

The Crack
by David Lubar

InterGalactic Interview With Joe Haldeman
by Darrell Schweitzer

eBook InterGalactic Medicine Show Issue 12

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